Gen 2 Dodge Diesel Truck Battery Cable Kits

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These kits fit the 1994-2002 Gen 2 Dodge Trucks with the various 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engines.  These trucks originally came with dual batteries.

Stock Cable size is 1/0 AWG.  Our 1/0 AWG Kits offer improved cranking power and performance over stock cables, especially worn out ones.  Our 2/0 AWG Kits offer even greater cranking power and performance – perfect for modified trucks!  We offer both.

Parts list and specifications listed below.



This Cable Kit is made to fit your truck perfectly and includes the following Components:

  • Military Style Battery Terminals – won’t crack or break like the original lead terminals!
  • Driver’s Side Positive Battery Cable Assy – loomed 1/0 AWG (or 2/0 AWG) cable to the starter, 4 AWG cable to the PDC, and dual 8 AWG feeds to the grid heater solenoids with integrated fusible links
  • Driver’s Side Negative Battery Cable Assy – 1/0 AWG (or 2/0 AWG) ground cable to the block, dual 8 AWG ground cables
  • Passenger Side Positive Cabley Assy – loomed 1/0 AWG (or 2/0 AWG) Crossover Cable to connect battery positives
  • Passenger Side Negative Battery Cable Assy – 1/0 AWG (or 2/0 AWG) ground cable to the block, 8 AWG ground cable, and dual 8 AWG ground cable assy
  • Boots to insulate positive connections

Includes a complete complement of hardware for a smooth installation, including two pairs of anti-corrosive battery washers.

All cable is our super flexible tinned Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Battery Cable terminated with our MEGA Eyelets and insulated with adhesive lined heat shrink.  They’re designed to last the life of your truck!

2 reviews for Gen 2 Dodge Diesel Truck Battery Cable Kits

  1. Michael Vosseler (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with the quality of the product and equally satisfied with the customer service I received when I had questions. The ordering process and shipping was painless as well. If only all of my transactions went so well. Thank you again for your apparent attention to detail and customer satisfaction!

  2. Riley Klingaman

    These cables fit perfect, I was having a known dodge issue of a hunting torque converter due to a voltage drop/interference. Some people will tell you to add in an interrupter but that is only a bandaid fix. These cables fixed my issue and have made my truck start and run better. 20 year old cables just don’t cut it anymore. The wire these are made out of isn’t like anything I have ever seen, it is HUGE 2/0 AWG but you can whip it around like rope it can bend anyway you would need it to.

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