Moroso Blue Max Universal Ignition Wire Set – Black, Straight


Moroso Blue Max Universal Ignition Wire Sets are terminated at the plug end only.  An optimized combination of capacitance, inductance, and resistance provides more spark energy and EMI protection than any other 8mm Spiral Core Wires in their class!

Kits include enough wire length and terminals / boots to fit HEI or non-HEI distributors.  Kit includes coil wire with several different ends to ensure a perfect fit.  Wire stripping tool included to simplify terminations.

Each wire is tested individually for unsurpassed quality control.  Made in USA.


Diameter:  8mm
Type:  Spiral Core (eliminates interference with onboard electronics)
Resistance per foot:  800Ω
Distributor Type:  HEI & Non-HEI (parts included for both)
Plug End Style:  Straight


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