Single Battery Relocation Kits (Standard)


We recommend our 1/0 AWG Kit for any vehicle with 10:1 compression or higher, those with superchargers, or those that require extended cranking time to start. Our 2 AWG Kit can be used successfully in all other applications.

We also offer Master ON/OFF Add-On kits that make either of these kits compatible with vehicles that have a rear-mounted Main Power ON/OFF switch!

Our 70 piece kit is an incredibly comprehensive and well thought out battery relocation kit!



Relocating the battery to the rear of your vehicle is an excellent way to free up space in the engine compartment as well as improve weight distribution. Although this is a common upgrade and there are plenty of universal kits on the market, but none as complete as ours!

Both kits include the following pre-assembled cables:

  • (1) 18 ft long 1/0 AWG or 2 AWG Translucent RED Battery Power Cable terminated with a heavy duty positive (+) battery clamp
  • (1) 3 ft long 1/0 AWG or 2 AWG Translucent BLACK Battery Ground Cable terminated with a heavy duty negative (-) battery clamp on one end & a 3/8” eyelet on the other. This cable incorporates a 3 ft length of 8 AWG Translucent BLACK ground cable, which goes to the body, terminated with a 1/4” eyelet.
  • (1) 1 ft long 1/0 AWG or 2 AWG Translucent BLACK Engine / Starter Ground Cable terminated with a 3/8” eyelet on each end.

Each kit includes a distribution block for the main power cable, a complete assortment of Grade 5 hardware, cable protection, rubber lined Adel clamps, and wire ties required to complete the installation, including zinc plated internal/external star washers for all ground connections. You absolutely, positively will not have to run to the hardware store to install this kit! How do we know? Simple. We’ve actually installed them ourselves.


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