Military Battery Terminals


These terminals are ideal when connecting multiple large gauge cables that are terminated with eyelets. Each terminal can accommodate up to three of our super thick MEGA Eyelets. These are excellent for multiple battery installations. Compatible with 3/8″ eyelets.

11/30/22 – We’ve redesigned these terminals (see below for an explanation).  You will receive our ALL NEW V2 for the same $$!  Scroll to the 2nd photo to see them.

Boots, adapters, and longer bolts for these terminals are available below.



Beginning in 2021, due to the massive cost increases in metals, battery manufacturers began shortening the height of the lead posts.  This meant that any aftermarket battery terminal designed to the SAE specification may no longer correctly fit these new, shorter posts.  Unfortunately, after selling tens of thousands of them over ten years, our original military battery terminals would no longer work reliably.

So, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned them.  These are a few levels softer than our originals, but not so soft that they can be mauled like a lead terminal – the best of both.  These terminals fit both standard and shorter posts perfectly.  And, we now have all kinds of goodies to go with them!



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