Tracking Your Order

Tracking Your Order

You’ve entered your order but haven’t received a confirmation email, tracking number, etc. So, what gives?

First, here’s a quick rundown of how our system works:

  1. You place your order. Immediately upon placing your order, you will get an email notification from our automated system with a copy of the order you’ve just placed. A note after checkout tells you exactly which email the confirmation was sent to. Most orders received by 12PM Arizona time ship the very same day. Orders for custom cables can take longer.
  2. Shipping labels are created for all orders as they are packed. Once a label has been created for your order, our automated system updates your order’s status to COMPLETED and emails you a confirmation, which includes the tracking number.
  3. When your order arrives at the address you entered when you placed your order, our automated system updates your order’s status to DELIVERED and emails you a confirmation of delivery.

All email from us–both from our staff and our automated system–comes from CE Auto Electric Supply. If you receive nothing from us, then there are four possibilities:

  1. You’ve entered your email address incorrectly.
  2. You’ve entered an email address that you don’t often use.
  3. Your Email client’s spam/junk filter has snagged communications from us.
  4. Your ISP’s spam/junk filter has snagged communications from us.

If you’ve entered your email address incorrectly, simply email us through the Contact Form and let us know the correct email address. We can easily update this in our system before your order ships so that you will receive subsequent emails. Incorrect, outdated, or infrequently used email addresses can be entered when allowing your web browser to auto-populate the fields when entering your order. We see this quite often!

If you entered your email address correctly, but received nothing from us, please check your junk/spam folders for communication from CE Auto Electric Supply. Don’t overlook the possibility that your internet service provider (ISP) may also have junk/spam filtering. You may have to log into your email via your ISP’s website and check the junk/spam folders there to find it. To avoid this problem for future orders, we recommend that you whitelist emails from CE Auto Electric Supply.

Finally, we encourage you to set up an account during the checkout process. With an account, you can easily access your order history, tracking numbers for orders, etc.

Thank you so much for your support!



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