XL Hand Held Hex Crimping Tool for Large Gauge Terminals


This is the last crimp tool you’ll ever need to buy! It performs industry standard crimps on eyelets, butt connectors, battery terminals, very high current connectors, etc.

This tool is compatible with eyelets, terminals, and butt connectors from 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG!  The tool’s overall length is 26″. Made in USA!

See below for tips on how to get the best results from this tool.

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How to Make Perfect Crimps like the Professionals!

There are no hard and fast rules when using a tool like this.  The objective is to perform a crimp that is low in resistance, impervious to coming loose, and that won’t deform the part being crimped.  Here’s how:

1 – Assume that eyelets and battery terminals from different manufacturers differ in OD.  [Our MEGA Eyelets and Crimp Style Battery Terminals have proven to be quite consistent over the ten+ years we’ve sold them!]

2 – Set the dies in such a way that you’re choosing the nest recommended for the part you’re crimping.  For example, Black for a 1/0 AWG part.

3 – Do a dry fit of the bare part into the nest of the tool and visualize how the nest will crimp the part when the jaws are fully closed.  If it appears that the nest is too small and will deform the part during the crimping process, then move to the next size larger nest and repeat.

4 – Perform the crimp(s).  Then, rotate the part in the nest 90deg and re-crimp the same crimps.  The net result should be crimps which are hexagonal in shape – not crushed on either side.

5 – If you moved “up” a nest size for a given part in Step 3 (like starting with the orange nest for a 1/0 AWG part), then you will typically then have to rotate the dies to the nest correct to the size.  Do so and repeat Step 4 over the very same crimps.

Consider your first crimp with a given size part to a given size cable to be a test crimp!  It may look the part, but now you need to test its integrity.

6- To ensure the quality of your work, you need to pull test the termination to ensure the part cannot be pulled off.  Simply hook the part over a stud or other fixed point on your bench and attempt to separate the part from the cable with your weight.  If you are unable to do so, then you have achieved a solid crimp with integrity.  Well done.  If you are able to pull the cable out of the part, then consider yourself lucky as it happened in a controlled environment and not in the vehicle.   If that happens, then you’ll have to step down another nest in the crimping process to solidify the termination.


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